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My CPA Virtual is the initiative of a Chartered Professional Accountant  looking for  innovative and flexible solutions to support SMEs in managing their accounting activities. Our services are grouped under  two main components; full or partial support of your  accounting activities or temporary support to your current team.

You are starting a new business and not having an accounting resource? Would you like to completely delegate the accounting of a division? We can help you! With our firm, the start of the project will be fast and efficient.

We differentiate ourselves from traditional accounting firms by positioning bookkeeping at the center of our service offering, as we believe that orderly accounting is beneficial for making good business decision.

Want access to an experienced Chartered Professional Accountant part-time? Is your accounting team overwhelmed preparing budgets or year end? Are you short of resources for an migration or acquisition project? My CPA Virtual is here to support you! 

After leading a growing accounting department for several years, we know how much peak periods can fluctuate in a company’s annual accounting cycle. It is often difficult to get quality support at a reasonable price from agencies and traditional accounting firms. My CPA Virtual  is therefore the solution to your temporary workforce problems.

Nowadays, the search for internal accounting resources is increasingly complex and staff retention is often a problem. Let us save you all these hassles and reach us now for a  free strategic call.

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